Robo Pro

The Robo-Pro is a powerful semi-commercial pool cleaner which suits many applications including council pools, caravan parks and resorts. With proven capability and low maintenance costs…..You’d Better Go A ROBO.


Travelling at 15 meters per minute, the ROBO-Pro is quick and efficient, covering a 30m pool in under 4 hours



·     Suitable for pools up to 30m

·     Caddy and remote included

·     Variable cable lengths, up to 40m

·     Up to 4 hour run time

·     Extra Large Sponge Wheels

·     316 Stainless Steel Bearings throughout.

·     Fine and Extra fine filter bags, down to 20 micron

·     Oversized intakes for large leaf litter

·     Industry leading  3 year Motor Box warranty

·     Optional GRAB HANDLE for easy lifting




The Robo-Max is a dedicated Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaner, with excellent Return on Investment.

A large commercial pool cleaner, it suits applications such as public pools, olympic pools, and commercial theme parks.


·       Extra Large Sponge Wheels

·       Stainless Steel Bearings throughout.

·       Twin Pump motors pushing through over 600 litres p/m

·       Fine and Extra Fine Filters down to 20 Micron

·       Over sized intakes for large leaf litter

·       Variable length cable, up to 40 Meters

·       Grab Handle to assist lifting

·       Optional mobile lifting device to reduce OH&S risks






The Robo Rover is powered by a rechargable, floating battery pack, which provides exceptional power output. It is purpose built for domestic and resort pools with Islands, Bridges, Bar Stools, or other hazards that can tangle a standard robots cable.

So if you want “No Tangles Ever” and a 3 year warranty on your Motor Box, then….. You’d Better Go A ROBO.


·       Cycle Time 0.5/1/2 Hours

·       2.5m Floating Cable

·       3 Filter Grades available

·       4 x Sponge Wheels

·       Filtration Rate 302 Litres/minute

·       Rated Power 200 watts

·       Dry Weight 12.5kg






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